The importance of bending machine mold design

In recent years, the domestic industrial level year after year, bending machine molds as part of industrial development, mold design level is also improving, and become an important factor in measuring the quality of bending machine molds. Therefore, the progress of bending machine mold manufacturers is not only reflected in a variety of CNC molds, ordinary molds, R-type molds and molding die equipment to improve the process, and more attention is given to understanding the bending product analysis, and comprehensive consideration of the mold in the production process of the product’s utility and convenience, so as to design a bending machine molds to achieve the perfect bending effect.

The importance of bending machine mold design

  Bending machine mold in the design process, design engineers must consider the characteristics of the mold to be designed from various aspects, including the selection of mold steel, the type of processed sheet metal, the overall structure of the mold and mold quenching and heat treatment and other factors, in addition to considering the practicality and safety of the bending machine mold, in order to protect the sheet metal manufacturer in the process of production of machinable performance and convenience performance. These issues, such as the need for bending machine mold design at the beginning of the comprehensive consideration, which is the most obvious progress of the modern mold industry.

  In the design of bending machine molds, some details of the problem will also be repeatedly pushed to make decisions. For example, when the bending processing of small-sized sheet metal, if not properly designed, the upper die bending machine will be due to the role of the lateral force of downward pressure, resulting in sheet metal bending deformation, while causing increased wear and tear of the mold, and even make the lower die bending machine badly scraped, the upper and lower mold damage at the same time. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, at the beginning of the design, the use of small V-grooves is considered, especially for sheet width less than 18mm. In the processing of narrow strips, strips will be limited by the groove, directly downward pressure bending into the lower die groove inside, rather than relying on the upper die inserted in the bending process. Therefore, in the design of the bending machine mold, will consider the addition of a mold guide, play a supporting role, which can make the bending product from the perfect.

  In addition, the bending machine mold in the quenching heat treatment, will be considered at the same time a variety of ways to process, there are surface heat treatment (high-frequency heat treatment), the whole heat treatment and surface coating and other three types of hardening technology, these three types of heat treatment can effectively improve the characteristics of the bending machine mold. However, due to the different hardening methods, the precision of the hardening process.

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