Standard Bending Machine Molds

Specification for the use of bending machine molds
1, turn on the power of the bending machine, twist the key switch, press the oil pump to start, the bending machine oil pump began to rotate, at this time the machine has not yet begun to work.
2, trip adjustment, in the official start of the bending machine mold bending work needs to test drive. Bending machine upper mold down to the bottom must ensure that there is a plate thickness clearance. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the mold and the machine. Stroke adjustment is also electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning.
3, bending machine mold slot selection, generally choose the plate thickness of 8 times the width of the slot. Such as bending 4mm sheet, you need to choose about 32 grooves.
4, check the bending machine upper and lower mold overlap and solidity; check whether the positioning device is in line with the requirements of the processed. Frequently check the overlap of the upper and lower molds; whether the indication of the pressure gauge is in accordance with the provisions.
5, sheet bending must be compacted to prevent the sheet from buckling in the bending injury to the operator.
6, adjust the sheet pressure mold must cut off the power supply, after stopping the operation.
7, in changing the opening of the lower mold of the variable bending machine, do not allow any material in contact with the lower mold.
8, prohibit the use of bending machine mold folding super-thick iron plate or hardened steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and more than the performance of the plate bending machine plate, in order to avoid damage to the machine tool.
9, close the bending machine, to be placed on both sides of the cylinder below the lower mold on the wood block will be on the slide down to the wood block. First exit the control system program, and then cut off the power supply.

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