Bending machine mold Upper mold Lower mold

Folding travel module adjustment
After adjusting the slider travel standard, the next is the upper limit point adjustment of the module, the general situation of the module up to the highest point, is to set the module and the switch. This can be to flow out of the module to stay in the position, through some of the above operations, then you can greatly increase production efficiency. In this process, it is also necessary to slow down the module. Because the module in the downstream to the lower dead center, it is necessary to slow down the module, which protects the machine and mold.
Folding gap adjustment
Folding angle adjustment
Adjustment of the bending angle is also the most important link, the angle selected is certainly related to the product requirements, generally speaking, folding 90 ° mold, then the angle must be set up in the middle of the angle must be greater than the angle of the two sides, and sometimes it may be a tight point, you can adjust the machine by adjusting the screws on the processing. After adjustment, such as in the case of the product does not change the demand do not go back to the modification. Then when bending, through the pressure gauge, calculate the exact pressure figure for pressure adjustment. So as not to cause mold chipping.

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