Paper industry blades

Each raw paper processing into a variety of paper, cardboard, cartons, products related to goods manufacturing process, a variety of tools are indispensable. Its quality is also very important, it can directly affect the paper, cardboard, carton packaging and other products such as quality and value of goods. Due to the diversification of material varieties, slitting is difficult, the user’s production capacity and economic efficiency requirements. Mechanical equipment for assembly line production, so my company in order to adapt to market demand, the selection of the international best quality steel, the use of advanced production equipment and technology, the production of ultra-hard tungsten carbide material blade and blade surface tungsten carbide coating, ceramic composite technology blade, so that the service life of the blade greatly improved sub-products spot supply, non-standard products can be provided by customers according to the product drawings, specifications and blade material The non-standard products can be customized according to the customer’s drawings, specifications and blade material, hardness value and other requirements.

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