Bag making machine cutter

Material:W18Cr4V;W6Mo5Cr4V(SKH);Cr12MoV(SKD11);9CrSi;65Mn;45#; SK2;SK4;H13; 6CrW2Si;5CrW2Si;T10A;T10;T8;42CrMo;GCr15;GCr18;3Cr13;4Cr13;HSS (a);
Specifications: conventional specifications, spot supply, non-standard can be customized production in accordance with the drawings;
Characteristics: sharp edge, wear-resistant, flat cut, burr-free products;
Scope of application: large steel manufacturing plants, steel pipe mills, non-ferrous metal processing plants, strapping material plants, cold lashing plants, packaging material plants, steel plate processing service centers, steel sieve mills, strip steel mills, slitting machine manufacturers!

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